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Hewitt Matthews teamed up with the University of Portsmouth for the #MySTEMjourney campaign.


Having invested heavily in creating a powerful brand and becoming one of the top Universities in the country, the University of Portsmouth wanted to spread some of their powerful stories and messages while supporting female networks across the globe to past, present, and potential students.

Science, technology, engineering and maths.

Our job was to develop and execute a comprehensive campaign that celebrated and supported women looking to get into the world of STEM. The campaign needed to achieve relevant global reach whilst key metrics were measured throughout to help ensure the campaign a success.

The results$

Facebook & Instagram advertising produced excellent results.

Our overall strategy was simple: go BIG. Once we detailed our target audience personas, we knew we needed to reach as many people in our relevant target markets as possible. So, that’s what we did.

We utilised some of the latest tools on Facebook & Instagram advertising to ensure that we created both powerful and engaging content, whilst capturing relevant audiences to further target with more relevant messaging as we developed the campaign.

Utilising advanced retargeting techniques to keep our messages relevant.

One of our key metrics from the start was to ensure this campaign was engaging for our target audience. Although global reach was important, global engagement was crucial. Through video polls, interactive landing pages, and direct story videos, we were able to interact with audiences effectively to deliver the right message, to the right people, every time.

To measure success, we focused on 3, defined KPIs throughout the campaign.


We look beyond the numbers. Reach was a vital metric for this campaign but it has to be relevant and it had to raise vital awareness to our target markets. Extensive research and personas allowed this to happen.


We started and maintained conversations across the globe. We raised issues that needed to be discussed and created an environment for user-generated content content to be shared all over the world.

Video views

Working closely with the University, we worked with existing students across the STEM spectrum to share their stories via videos. This was the starting point for our campaign to be shown to millions. 




Countries targeted


Video views




International award

“We work with Hewitt Matthews on a couple of projects so we knew they would be able to help elevate our campaign #MySTEMjourney. They are easy to work with, transparent and very responsive. Reece met with us a couple of times to get a feel for what we wanted to achieve as well as an understanding of the overall campaign aims. I like their personal and professional approach – they have the balance spot on.”

Claire Beaney

Global Digital Media Officer

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