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Guiding and supporting international students studying in the UK during COVID-19

Working with institutions across the country for the #WeAreTogether campaign with Universities UK International.


When COVID-19 first hit, the world of international higher education was thrown into a new climate, as was the rest of the world. This is where the #WeAreTogether campaign aimed to support and inform international students with the latest updates and messages from international students already in the UK.

Reassuring and supporting EU and international students in higher education.

During a confusing and new era of education, our role was to make students feel more comfortable with and more aware of the ever changing situation.

The results$

How does the campaign work?

Universities invited their international students to make short videos about different aspects of studying in the UK during COVID-19, including safety on campus, online learning, safe socialising with other students, university support on mental wellbeing, etc.

Universities were then encouraged to share these videos with us and publicly via their own channels using the hashtag #WeAreTogether.

This content was then shared on the #WeAreTogether social channels and used in paid campaigns across Instagram and Facebook, targeting current international applicants and offer holders. Content was also shared with campaign partners such as UCAS, IDP/Hotcourses Abroad, Study Portals, QS, British Council and many others.

Teaming up with universities around the country to spread the word.

As the campaign grew in term of recognition and impact, more and more universities decided to get involved and share their #WeAreTogether messages and content.

Our responsibility was to work with the universities to understand who their ideal audience is and then distribute their content effectively via paid for ads to reach the correct audiences. 

The key pillars of this campaign was building confidence and providing reassurance.

Confidence polls

One way to measure confidence is by using polls and benchmarking. We surveyed 1,000’s of students at the start of the campaign and then again after seeing our content to get a measure on the campaign’s impact.

Video Views

This campaign was focused on using video testimonials from existing international students to reassure those considering moving abroad to study. Therefore, the number of people who viewed that content was a vital measurement.

Traffic generated

Lastly, driving traffic to various landing pages for UUKi and participating universities was a priority to open the door for new conversations. So, successfully drove 100,000’s of potential students to useful resources.


Video views




Website visits generated




More confidence after seeing ads

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