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Transforming the digital presence for Renewable Energy experts, Harmony Energy

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Significantly improved the Harmony Energy online presence and strengthening their position as a leading innovator in the industry.

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Harmony Energy | Hosting & Support | Website Design & Development


In a rapidly evolving renewable energy sector, Harmony Energy, a leader in battery storage solutions, sought to revamp its digital presence to mirror its impressive growth and technical prowess.

Recognising the need to better communicate their story, achievements, and sustainable practices, Harmony Energy partnered with Hewitt Matthews for a transformative website design and development project.


Harmony Energy’s primary challenges involved:
Corporate Image and Expertise Projection: The existing website did not fully capture the essence of Harmony Energy’s rapid growth, nor did it reflect their high level of expertise in the renewable energy storage sector.

Dynamic Content Management: There was a critical need for a website architecture that allowed for easy and regular updates, facilitating dynamic content management.

User Accessibility and Understanding: The complexity of renewable energy concepts necessitated a simplified and clear presentation to cater to a diverse audience, including those new to the subject.

Global Outreach with Multilingual Support: With a global audience in mind, the website required multilingual capabilities to ensure broad accessibility and engagement.

Eco-Friendly Digital Footprint: Embracing their commitment to environmental sustainability, Harmony Energy aimed to implement sustainable practices in their web design and hosting, with a keen interest in showcasing their efforts in reducing digital carbon footprint.

Harmony Energy laptop & phone mockup


It was vital that all aspects of Harmony Energy’s web presence were addressed when addressed when creating the new website. The approach involved developing a visually rich and engaging design that effectively communicated Harmony Energy’s ethos, achievements, and leadership in renewable energy storage, enhancing brand identity. This was complemented by a flexible and intuitive CMS, enabling Harmony Energy to seamlessly update their website with multiple video, and image content. The user experience was significantly enhanced by restructuring the website’s navigation and design, with a focus on simplifying complex concepts to improve user engagement and navigational flow. Recognising the importance of global outreach, we integrated the Weglot translation tool to offer dynamic translation capabilities and content personalisation based on user location. In line with Harmony Energy’s commitment to sustainability, the project emphasises green web design and hosting practices, incorporating features to measure and report the website’s environmental impact. Lastly, an advanced SEO strategy was executed, ensuring the website’s continued prominence in search engine results, thereby enhancing its digital visibility.


Interactive Project Map: An API-driven, interactive map showcasing Harmony Energy’s projects worldwide.

Timeline: Improved the existing timeline feature to illustrate Harmony Energy’s journey and milestones, reflecting their rapid growth and success in the industry.

Modern and Powerful Design: Reduced textual content in favour of a more visually driven approach, incorporating engaging videos and images that portray Harmony Energy’s professionalism and forward-thinking ethos.

Community and Sustainability Focus: Harmony Energy’s community-centric approach and sustainability initiatives were a main focus throughout the project.


The project was a success for the client, significantly improving Harmony Energy’s online presence. The new website not only aligns perfectly with their strategic objectives but also sets a benchmark in the renewable energy digital landscape. Harmony Energy, now equipped with a sustainable and user-friendly platform, has strengthened its position as a leading innovator in the renewable energy storage sector.

Our design was selected to be featured in The Best Technology Web Designs by DesignRush, a platform known for promoting great web designs.

Harmony Energy Website Before Harmony Energy Website after

Significantly improved our website. Hewitt Matthews were very responsive. Project delivered on time and constant communication for ongoing updates.

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