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Creating a refreshed, lead gen machine for Liquid Friday.

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Delivering a bespoke website solution that aligns perfectly with Liquid Friday's vision and operational needs.

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Liquid Friday | Hosting & Support | Website Design & Development


Since 2006, Liquid Friday has grown to become one of the UK’s largest independent umbrella companies and a truly pioneering industry leader, supporting over 5,000 contractors and 400 recruitment agencies.

Their journey from a team of three to a thriving company employing 68 people at their Head Office shows their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Their impressive growth required a digital platform that could keep pace with their expanding business.


Liquid Friday required an up-to-date and refreshed website but faced a number of unique challenges:

  • Two Audiences, Two Journeys: The website needed to cater for two distinct target audiences: agencies and contractors, each requiring different information and tools.
  • Tax Calculations: A functionality of the website is the tax calculator. The goal for this was to produce real-time tax and payment calculations, essential for their contractor audience, while driving leads for Liquid Friday.
  • App Promotion: The website needed to also effectively promote Liquid Friday’s innovative app, built for contractors.
  • Easy Internal Management: An easy to manage backend system which staff with less technical expertise could use to update and amend the website without external assistance.
  • Scalable: Ensuring the website’s design and function

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Our team at Hewitt Matthews embraced these challenges, delivering a bespoke website solution that aligns perfectly with Liquid Friday’s vision and operational needs.

The development of the custom built Tax Calculator is the star of the show for this website build. It has become the main feature of the website allowing contractors to easily estimate their take-home pay, where then Liquid Friday will follow up with an email detailing the results. This feature serves as a valuable resource and a powerful lead generation tool.

The development of the calculator was built with the end in mind, which meant catering for changing tax bands and allowing Liquid Friday to update the calculations themselves. The implementation of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) from the Hewitt Matthews’ developers, meant that critical elements like tax rates can be adjusted by the Liquid Friday team at any stage in time, without the need for web development support.

To tackle the differing journey’s and audiences, a clear and distinct navigation system along with a carefully considered User Journey was built out. This allows both of the core audiences to experience a unique journey as they move through the Liquid Friday website.


Hewitt Matthews and Liquid Friday continue to work closely together, further developing Liquid Friday’s digital experience and helping to promote the brand with supporting marketing services.
The website project itself was a success. The website is not only visually appealing and functional but also represents Liquid Friday’s outstanding growth and commitment to exceptional service, while driving more new leads than ever before.

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Their approach to work is fantastic, they get it done! Love their attitude and honesty throughout. Fantastic, knowledgeable, team!

Jo Taffurelli

Joe Taffurelli

Chief Operating Officer

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