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Dropping CPA and increasing profitable ad spend. That's the goal. That's what we did.

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toob are an ambitious, tenacious and fast growing broadband provider, rolling out a new network across the country. With an unbeatable offer & outstanding service, our job is to tell the masses. In fact, toob now supplies most of our Portsmouth team's homes!

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Toob | Paid Search

How we reduced toob's CPA by over 40% in a highly competitive broadband sector.


Hewitt Matthews has had the privilege of working with toob, a broadband provider, on their Paid Media marketing since March 2022 as they roll out and grow their network across the country. In this case study, we will discuss the client’s challenge, how Hewitt Matthews responded to their needs, and how we achieved more leads at far lower CPA, while scaling ad spend profitably.


toob had a strong foundation for their Paid Media campaigns, but they realised that new Paid Media opportunities were being missed due to stretched internal resources. Hewitt Matthews were brought in to support the development, execution and further advancement of the Paid Media strategy.

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Firstly, we audited toob’s existing Performance Marketing campaigns to identify areas for improvement. We presented our findings & recommendations to the client-side team and started implementing them into the campaigns.
As we developed a trusted relationship with toob, we were able to take on more of the load and initiate new strategies with more autonomy.


Our campaigns saw a 40% reduction in CPA, well below the original target set by toob. The success of our campaigns led to toob increasing their Paid Media Ad Spend by over 40%. We also implemented geo-targeted campaigns resulting in high numbers of future customers registering interest. Lastly, the use of call extensions became a major source of leads at an exceptional
conversion rate.


Hewitt Matthews successfully helped toob achieve their marketing goals by reducing CPA by 40% and profitably scaling ad spend. Our strategic approach and close partnership with toob allowed us to initiate new strategies with more autonomy and achieve exceptional results.

The whole team at Hewitt Matthews, although namely Charlie & Reece, are wonderful. They're so obviously the best in their field, incredibly responsive, very thorough in their reporting for ads campaigns and just genuinely have your company's best interests at heart.

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Zoë Barrett

Brand Manager

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