Diamond Gas

Using PPC to take an independent gas and heating company from local, to national.

Find out how Diamond Gas and Heating continue to expand across the South using PPC.


Diamond Gas and Heating came to us looking for a new partner to work with their already successful sales function that was ready to take on more leads and grow the business even further. Now, the team are working across multiple cities, setting up new outfits to service the leads generated by PPC.

A family run business providing boilers and heating services.

Diamond Gas and Heating had already seen success with Google Ads but, they were ready to step it up to the next level.

The results$

Using targeted Google Ads to service demand.

For this campaign, we used Google Ads to get Diamond Gas and Heating in front of anyone looking for a new boiler within specifically set locations. We

Our keywords were selected to make sure that we get in front of as many of the right people as possible with a genuine need for a new boiler, while also not being too broad that we drive low quality traffic.

Custom tracking of integrated tools for better visibility.

The landing pages we send traffic to use an ‘out-of-the-box’ quoting system that users can fill out for a free estimate. For us, tracking every step of this form was vital to see where we were losing people. As a result, we tracked every single step of the form and tested different layouts to find the best combination for conversions.

To measure success, we focused on 3, defined KPIs throughout the campaign.

Quotes generated

Diamond Gas and Heating’s integrated quote system on their website gives users a quick and easy way to get a price estimate and, provided they’re happy with their quote, make a direct enquiry.

Conversion rate

Driving lots of traffic is fairly easy, but driving lots of high quality traffic isn’t. That’s why we closely monitor Conversion Rate as it’s a great indicator of how relevant traffic is and their level of buying intent.

Revenue generated

When it comes down to it, most marketing campaigns need to tie back to the bottom line. Therefore, we tracked the leads from enquiry to sale to make sure the leads were good quality and the deals were closing.


Quotes generated


Return on ad spend


Revenue generated


Click to conversion rate


New locations

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